Here are just some of the benefits that are included as standard at no additional cost:

24 Hour Premises Cover

Public Liability

Personal Accident

Night Fishing

Cover While You are Fishing Abroad

The Insurance Cover for Fishermen

It is surprising just how much is spent on fishing equipment, which is often acquired over a number of years. To find out just how much your fishing equipment would cost you to replace in the event it is stolen, we suggest you make a list of your gear and we are sure you will be surprised at just how much it would cost you to replace.   Then, if you are happy with the cover provided, as detailed in the policy wording, you can apply online.

The following link provides the Options  that available to you, with a brief summary of the benefits, limits and excesses that are applicable to each Option, together with the annual premiums.   An Insurance Product Information Document (IPID) is also available for each Option summarising the main features of the benefits provided and any excesses that are applicable.

As previously pointed out, the full terms and conditions of the cover are available in the policy wording and it is important that you read this document carefully to ensure the cover provided meets your particular requirements.

Policy Options

Public Liability £5 million £5 million £5 million £5 million £5 million Nil
Personal Accident
– Death
– Loss of Limb(s) eye(s)
£2,500 £5,000 £7,500 £10,000 £12,500 Nil
Reimbursement of Subscription and Paid fee Nil Nil £250 £500 £750  
Theft of or Accidental Damage to fishing Equipment £2,000 £4,000 £8,000 £12,000 £16,000 £100
– Maximum Claim from a Shed £1,500 £3,000 £6,000 £9,000 £12,000  
– Bait Cover £100 £200 £400 £600 £800  
– Tackle Box and Contents £200 £400 £800 £1200 £1600  
Record Catch £1,000 £1,000 £2,000 £3,000 £3,000 Nil
Including Insurance Premium Tax
£79 £99 £199 £299 £399  
(Payable in 10 monthly instalments)
(APR: 23.2%)
(APR: 19.5%)
(APR: 14%)
(APR: 14%)
(APR: 14%)

Annual premiums include Insurance Premium Tax. 

Please see our Policy Wording for the full terms and conditions of the cover.

Sample Schedules

Click on one of the sample schedules below (with effect from February 2022) to see a list of benefits that you get with each policy and the amount of cover for each policy.

Insurance Product Information Document

Please see the Insurance Product Information Document below for the relevant option selected for policies arranged from March 2022: