Statement Of Fact

Statement of Fact
This statement of Fact is for Anglers First Insurance

By accepting this insurance you confirm that the facts stated below are true. These statements, and all information you or anyone on your behalf provided before we agreed to insure you, are incorporated into and form the basis of the policy.

If anything in these statements is not correct you should inform Golfguard Ltd  immediately, otherwise we will be entitled to treat this insurance as if it had never existed.
 You should keep this Statement of Fact for your records.

About you

1.      You are an amateur angler resident within the United Kingdom

2.      You only fish from recognised fishing venues

3.      You do not use your fishing equipment for business or professional purposes

4.      You have not been declared bankrupt or become insolvent or made any voluntary arrangement with creditors or been subject to enforcement of a judgement debt either in a personal capacity or as a business.

5.      You have not had any claims for damage to your fishing equipment in the last 5 years

6.      You have not had any claim made against you  for third party property damage or bodily injury arising from the use, ownership or possession of your fishing equipment

7.      You are over the age of 18.

8.    You have not had an insurance or proposal cancelled, withdrawn, declined or made subject to special terms.

9.    You have not been convicted of or charged with any offence, other than a motoring offence or conviction spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 or any equivalent legislation

10.    You  have not entered into a voluntary arrangement with creditors or been subject to any application for liquidation, administration, receivership or to enforcement of a judgment debt.

Material Information
Please provide us with details of any information which may be relevant to our consideration of your proposal for insurance. If you have any doubt over whether something is relevant, please let us have details

Data Protection Act
By accepting this statement of fact you consent to UK General Insurance Ltd on behalf of Great Lakes Insurance SE using the information we may hold about you for the purpose of providing insurance and handling claims, if any, and to process sensitive personal data about you where this is necessary (for example health information or criminal convictions). This may mean we have to give some details to third parties involved in providing insurance cover. These may include insurance carriers, third-party claims adjusters, fraud detection and prevention services, reinsurance companies and insurance regulatory authorities. Where such sensitive personal information relates to anyone other than you, you must obtain the explicit consent of the person to whom the information relates both to the disclosure of such information to us and its use by us as set out above. The information provided will be treated in confidence and in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998. You have the right to apply for a copy of your information (for which we may charge a small fee) and to have any inaccuracies corrected.