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Could you afford to replace your fishing tackle if it was damaged or stolen?

Although Anglers First Insurance provides comprehensive fishing tackle insurance from as little as £68 per year, we assume you'd prefer to not lose a favourite rod, or be without your equipment whilst waiting for a replacement to arrive!

 Most accidents are avoidable, and it's amazing how many people damage their rod whilst getting ready to fish - or when putting their tackle away. Stepping on a rod section is one of the commonest ways to do this, but other major reasons include:

  • Damaging your ferrules by pulling the sections apart with a twisting motion.

  • Snagging your rod on the ground whilst walking along a riverbank carrying an already assembled rod.

  •  Not keeping your rod joints free of mud and dirt. Keep the reel and rod rings as clean as possible. We'd also advocate checking your rod sections and reel for dirt or grit before you pack your fishing tackle away.

 And whilst you ARE fishing, if your line gets snagged up, don't just yank it free as you'll not only damage the line, you may damage your rod too.

However, accidents happen. Items get broken, or worse still, stolen, and that's why more and more people are insuring their fishing tackle with Anglers First Insurance.